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Pretty Pretty Pixie ties sparkling,
silk strands into patrons' hair.

Fairy Hair:

Can be treated just like natural hair: cut, curl, flat-iron, wash, dry, and color.

Lasts days to months! Each strand is tied to one piece of natural hair so it lasts as long as that hair stays attached.

Sparkles and lasts because it’s silk and imported from the UK, unlike other “similar” products. It is not crimped, clamped, or glued in.

How long does it last?

Sparkle time varies. They come out with the hair they’re tied to – lasting days or months.

How does it come out?

If you need to remove it before the hair it’s tied to falls out, just give the sparkle a little tug. The sparkle and its hair will come out.

I’m about to get my hair done. Is fairy hair a waste?

Not even! The silk can be treated just like your own hair and will continue to sparkle.

What about curly hair?

Your natural curls will catch the sparkles and give them a curly or wavy appearance. Fairy hair can also be tied into extensions.

Can I put them in at home?

Not likely. Pretty Pretty Pixies uses silk threads imported from the UK. Unlike others, these are not crimped or glued, so it takes a minute to put in but lasts.


Have I seen this before?

Don't call it a comeback! "Hair tinsel" or "hair bling" was kinda in back in the 1990's. But this is silk and lasts longer. Beyonce, Ke$ha, and actress Witney Port have all sported some sparkle in their locks recently, but theirs are more expensive and clamped in or glued on. Lesson: accept no imitations! 

What about guys?

All we have to say is: #StrongEnoughToSparkle. Beard? ‘Stache? We just need a few inches.

Where can I get my fairy hair? 

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out where we'll be next. Or, contact us to schedule a magical individual appointment or a party!

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