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Sparkle Kit Contents

Sparkle Kit
The Sparkle kit includes the hand-made, unique, silk roll; instructions booklet; storage bag; pixie pick; and 5 colors of silks (25 strands each).
Sparkle Kit - Rolled
Handmade by the only supplier, shipped from Carmel, CA, each Sparkle Roll is unique and made from silk fabric.
Sparkle Kit - Roll
The Roll holds up to 15 different individual colors of Fairy Hair and can hold all your accessories. Easy to carry, open, and close. Measures approximately 24" long.
Inside Sparkle Roll
Quilted silk interior with three hold-downs to secure packets of Fairy Hair. Keeps your strands organized, even from children's curious hands and windy outdoor festivals. (*Keep sparkles in their plastic covers for best results.)
Exterior Sparkle Roll
A darker exterior, also of fine, high quality silk, keeps signs of dirt from outside events and parties from showing. Easy to use closure of two ring buckles.
Accessory Bag
Also of silk and a sturdy zipper, roll this right in with all your Fairy Hair.
Accessory Bag & Contents
Not included, but these are a few of the things you may choose to keep in your accessory bag.
5 Starter Colors
5 colors of 25 strands each lets you give your first clients a variety of choice. Three years of data have proven the most popular colors - we've done the work and included those here.
Fairy Hair Holder
Your 5 starter colors leave room for more! Securely tied down and looking beautiful, they can catch a potential client's eye from a neighboring festival booth.
Instruction Book
This booklet is much more than How To...! Included are tips and tricks for finding the balance between a whimsical and professional business. Hand-drawn illustrations are easy to reference as you follow the written instructions or watch the video as you learn.
Pixie Pick
Each Pixie Pick is pre-purchased, and tested to prevent picks that are too tight or too loose, making your tying easier and your learning less frustrating.
Variety of Rolls
Since each roll is hand made, each one is unique. One of the only surprises left in this universe... Enjoy!
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Sparkle Kit includes: 

  • Hand-made, unique, silk Fairy Hair roll holder, measuring 24" long when rolled

  • Accessory bag with zipper

  • 5 starter colors (copper, sparkle pink, sparkle gold, rose gold, sparkle silver), ~25 strands each, for a total of ~125 strands

  • Instruction booklet, with: 

    • Introduction on how and why one ties Fairy Hair​

    • Review of the necessary and recommended tools

    • Step-by-step instructions on how to tie, with hand-drawn illustrations

  • Troubleshooting tips and tricks​

Order your kit now for just $200!

With your order, you receive the Sparkle Kit, an instructions video, 1 year of unlimited email support, and 2-30min video or phone support sessions.